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At LTS, we apply superior tanning products using an advanced spray applicator in a private booth. Your professional tan therapist will match your colour so that your skin receives the best colour match that won’t have any orange hues. If you’re a first time tanner, you can get a light tan to see how it appears. Or we can always go that little extra dark so you have that ‘holiday look’!

Shhhh no one will ever know.

Half body       -$30
Full Body        -$35
Double Layer -$15


Our lightest shade that will look like you've been spending your weekends on the beach


Want something a little darker and look like you've spent a week in your favorite tropical location, then our medium shade will deliver.


For the clients that love to be tanned and want the color to be deeper...if you can't spend a month in a paradise like Maui, you might as well look like you have.

Before Care

  • Any waxing should be done 1-2 days prior to your sunless tanning.
  • If skin is dry apply a light water based lotion to skin at least 6 hours prior to your sunless tan.
  • Exfoliate skin at least 8 hours before your sunless treatment for even tanning results. Spend a little extra time on knees, elbows, feet, and hands.
  • Shave at least 6 hours before your sunless tanning treatment.
  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing including thongs for feet or sandals.
  • Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk during or after your sunless application and for at least 8 hours as DHA may react with these fabrics and cause staining.

After Care

  • Wait at least 2 to 3 hours after application before you shower. This will allow time for the self-tanning reaction to occur on the skin.
  • Moisturise daily, try not to use oils as a moisteriser as this may cause uneven skin tone whilst being in your tan.
  • If you’re after a deeper tan, you may leave it a little longer after the two hours but not anymore than 3 hours as the tan may start to oxidize causing green undertones.
  • As you shower, you will see most of the tan wash off, don’t panic as this is quite normal. Over time your tan will deepen and will be the best the following days to come.
  • After showering, gently pat down your tanned skin, don’t rub until the following day.


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