Massage & Body Treatments


Set in a beautiful relaxed, private environment with soft scented soy lit candles and drifting spa music, the power of a massage not only heals the body but also the mind. A massage is seen as a way to aid the body and to heal itself by eliminating toxins and bring about well-being.

Warm essential oils, hot towels or hot stones may all your body needs to re-fresh, rejuvenate and unwind.

Relaxation Massage with essential oils: 1 hour 100
Effleurage Massage: 1 hour 100
Tahitian Aroma Therapy Hot Towels Massage: 1:20 130
Remedial Massage: 1 hour 120
Hot Stone Massage: 1:45 170
Pregnancy Massage: 1 hour 100
Spot massage, neck shoulders, scalp: 45 mins 75
LTS Signature Massage: 1:45 180
Acne Back Treatment: 1 hour 75

Relaxation massage are for clients that just want to have a medium to soft massage and to enjoy the experience of soft drifting spa sounds & the quiet at the same time.

Effleurage massage are for clients that have toxins built up through their joints and don’t feel at their best. Enhances the immune system and you will need to hydrate after this massage with lots of fresh water!

Tahitian Aroma Therapy Hot Towels Massage is a mixture of effleurage and medium strokes to enhance mind, body & spirit. This includes a facial steam with a boost of anti-oxidants and finally hot towels that maintain a refreshing warmth throughout your body.

Remedial Massage are firm solid strokes and are mainly for sports enthusiasts such as footballers or dancers that need to heel tired sore muscles. An intense heat is applied throughout the massage from head to toe. Not for the faint hearted!

Hot Stone Massage are for clients that want that extra temperateness throughout their massage, medium to deep pressure with the assistance of galvanic stones, essential oils and heat. Hands & feet are cleansed prior to your massage.

Pregnancy Massage are for clients that want to reduce stress hormone levels and assist improving the ‘happy & relaxed hormones’ whist pregnant. These massages lean to reduce anxiety and have a free floating effect which improve in general mood and hence taking advantage of being completely relaxed and possibly better future sleep with soft low scented oils. No wrists or ankles to be massaged on this one!

Spot Check Massage are great for clients that have a specific need in massage, can be spot triggering for shoulders, trapeziums muscles (back), neck and scalp. Takes the pressure off.

LTS Signature Massage is the ultimate in relaxation, refreshment and rejuvenation! Heighten your senses by beginning with a Vitamin C facial & an enhancing hydrating lip treatment, then a hand and feet treatment in hot steam infused lavender towels. A full body massage from head to toe with a hair treatment that smells divine. Then sip on our Tahitian Tea that’s hydrating and super delicious! What an absolute amazing experience!

Acne Back Treatment are for clients that can’t reach those spots on your back. We softly remove any acne & excess oils by a soft acne peel that may destroy bacteria and heal in the appearance in scaring.