Russian Volume Lash Applications for Beginners – Course 3


What does this mean?

Volume lash extensions are singular lashes that are individually finer in density and are collected via a technique to form a fan of 2 dimensions, three dimensions and so on, hence 2D, 3D up to 6D. These fans are then applied to one single natural lash, and eventually covering the lash line with a full Russian Volume set.

Who’s this for?

This course is for students that have or have not applied volume lashes previously. Step by step applications, instructions, methodologies and information that will allow you to comprehend what lash extensions can do for your business and your client and a whole lot more in this expanding and ever changing industry!

Cost: $1,200
Duration: One-day course 9.30am – 6.30pm depending on class volume etc.
Pre requisites: Must have done Lash applications for beginners or applied classic lashes for a minimum of 3-6 months.
Location: Narellan – NSW Sydney unless venue is previously organised through LTS
Dates: Dates are generally every few weeks, unless previously organised through Lash Therapy Studio

What does this course cover?

Lash lingo
Tools of the trade
History of lashes
Suitable Lash Extensions
Eye Shapes & Design
Design & learn lash mapping
Sizes & dimensions
Lash stages & why we need to know
Techniques & speed
Removal procedure
Lash guides for inner corners & sections
Adhesives, humidity & temperature
What forms you need to have so your covered
50 tips n tricks
AND lots more!!! (There is no other lash manual that covers this much info and it’s yours to take)

Lash application on a Mannequin and or tile then on a live model.

Successful applications
Lash certificate
Lash Kit
You can call for assistance for your questions or enquiries in case you need. (No one really does this) or I can come into your work studio and check your progress.

50% deposit 7 days prior to your course date. There are no refunds, as the manuals, kits and time is prepared for you, however, you can change your course date due to unforeseen circumstances.

5. You will receive:
A certificate
A full lash kit that may assist in a small business
Lash Manual that covers everything including 50 tips n tricks
Morning tea, Lunch, tea & coffee is provided